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Hi, I'm Deb Pearson,
the Self Mastery Mindset Expert.

Being Founder of Women's Self Mastery (WSM) has been an amazing and wonderful journey. But I didn't just wake up one morning and decide for this to happen. No, that's not at all what happened.

Not so long ago, I was working as direct support to a 4-star Air Force General. Where others might thrive, I found myself hardly able to survive. I felt drained and unfulfilled. My soul was slowly dying. I kept thinking there's got to be more to life than this. It just felt like something was missing. What was it? I had no name for this feeling. I knew there must be more, but what?

In late 2015, I backpacked the 500-mile trek known as El Camino de Santiago. For 38 days, I walked 6-8 hours a day. Each day I learned things about myself I had not known before. Each day I learned more about others. Every day provided opportunities for me to see more and learn more. I started to see things in a new light. I didn't know or realize what was happening, I just knew that it was the happiest I'd ever been. Something was changing inside of me. I knew I needed to do more, become more, give more. I knew I had discovered something powerful. I had experienced a freedom like none other. 

As I returned to my military civilian job after having so many eye-opening experiences and amazing lessons, I knew that I could not stay in an environment that did not make me happy, that was not helping me grow emotionally, and one that certainly did not feel free to me. It took me about a year to get certified in coaching, but then the day finally came in early 2016. I put in my resignation and every cell in my body was elated. I could feel my cells high-fiving each other. The day came for me to leave. I quit my job, sold everything I owned and drove away. As I pulled out of the driveway for the last time, I felt that same feeling of freedom. I knew this is what I wanted to feel again and again. But how? How to get this feeling of freedom without walking hundreds of miles over and over, and without quitting job after job?

I had no idea what I was going to do nor where I was going to land, but I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that what I needed more than anything was to do work that made my soul sing, work that brought intense emotional freedom and happiness. I would not stop looking for this freedom, I couldn't. I was hooked. Addicted. I yearned to feel it again. 

In early 2017, I started a business to present awareness workshops for women, to coach heart-centered, conscious change-makers, visionaries, women leaders, coaches, moms, teachers, entrepreneurs. After a couple years I started to training to speak at world-changing events. I was off to a great start ... and then ... well .... Covid changed things.

But it's ok! WSM continues to grow and I'm excited, happy, and feeling the freedom to be working with an amazing team of people. Instead of everything being in person, it's now online. Awareness courses, coaching, and classes that empower women to do more, be more, have more are being taught, and I'm back in training of how to speak from the stage. 

My goal is for women to be transformed, inspired, and empowered - to feel and experience emotional and self mastery - and for everything you do to improve your connection with yourself and others while reducing the sense of separation, conflict and confusion. My commitment draws in many women wanting meaningful changes in their lives, emotional freedom and peace, and much desired intimate connection.


WSM provides this ground-breaking, cutting edge way of being in community and connection,
of mastering yourself and your emotions.

Please join us if this resonates with you.

 Dare to Love Yourself!

I finally took control of mastering my emotions ...
it's not always easy,
but it's always been
100% worth it,
every day,
in every way!

~Debbie Pearson

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