Become Awesome on the Inside.
Take Control of your Life.
Begin the journey to 
    and become who
you were meant to be.

What if you learned the skills to care for yourself, to put sound boundaries in place, to finally trust yourself, and to

give yourself permission

to be completely and unequivocally yourself?

Others can only have control over your life if you allow it. When you understand what is really happening, and how to shift away from it, is when your life will change. You’ll most likely continue to live in discomfort until you take action and learn new ways of being.

Learn to lead yourself!

Reveal and eliminate the limiting core beliefs that obstruct your ultimate fulfillment.



  • Aware to how every day you're operating from past hurts and faulty programming.

  • Connect compassionately with yourself and others through Observation360.

  • Find Freedom and Fulfillment as you learn to trust yourself, care for yourself, and feel confidence and courage while doing it.

The Inner Mastery Solution:

Awareness. Connection. Freedom. ​Fulfillment.

Together, we can transform your life while implementing a process for success.

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Life is not meant to be a struggle.

Finding ourselves other-directed our whole lives has created the situation where we try to become what others have taught us. The problem is we struggle to be what they want.

The Truth is


Even though you may not be able to feel that right now, and you may not be able to understand how it can happen, I know you can be gently guided to the place of deep inner self-knowing

where you realize that doing what's best for you is, in fact, doing what is best for others!

Through learning these gentle, loving lessons, the courage to stand in your truth, find your voice, and become clear about living the life you want to live will be your new experience.

The Self-Sustaining Leadership Program

  • has help hundreds, if not thousands

  • is about you learning to lead yourself

  • moves you out of living in a fog and into living in awareness

  • shows you how to stop allowing others to decide your fate

  • coaches you to discover the best path to take for yourself

  • enlightens you in how to better trust yourself

  • teaches you how to have your thoughts work for you

  • prepares you on how to set sound boundaries

  • illuminates your confidence as your knowledge increases

You do what you can, with what you've got, from where you are ..... and keep moving forward.

I Just Want to Be Happy! shows you how to self-connect in order to re-connect with the rest of your life. It is a journey to discover the real you hidden inside. Using practical, proven, and soul-centered skills that aren’t taught in school, aren’t taught in the mainstream, and often not taught by your parents, you’ll take small, compassionate, nonjudgmental steps to rework the unhealthy and faulty patterns learned in childhood.


I walked 500-miles across Spain small step at a time. Small steps take you where you want to go


In other words, you’ll learn how to free your inner awesome!

About Debbie Pearson

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My programs and coaching help people reinvent their lives through understanding the universal law of living from wholeheartedness and deep inner self-knowing. When you learn how to know yourself on a deep level, your direction is clear, your boundaries are strong, and your courage rises. You have the confidence to take your life in the direction you desire.


Together, we shift your beliefs through knowledge, skills and lifehacks on the journey toward inner mastery. We take compassionate, non-judgmental steps to identify and gently move into a place of clarity.


Imagine finally being completely and unequivocally yourself with every person and situation, and especially with the person in the mirror. I teach you how to come to a place where you can authentically validate yourself, trust your decisions, find your own worthiness, and alleviate the emotional pain.


You'll not say again "something's missing" because you will have found it.

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Debbie Pearson

Educator, Counsellor,  Speaker, Author


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