The choice is yours.
How would you choose to live and lead your life if absolutely nothing stood in your way?
What would your life be like if suddenly things began to work in your favor?

>> If you feel like you're just existing in the status quo, living an "ok" life, but really want more ... keep reading.

>> If you've tried therapy, self-help books, meditation, journaling, reiki, tarot readings, etc. and while they've all helped in certain ways, there still seems to be something missing ... keep reading.

>> If you are looking for real answers to real life problems ... definitly keep reading.

You are not alone. Lots of people are feeling this way, especially due to the events (covid) of 2020, and how it has impacted so many of our lives.

I imagine you'd like to wake up in the morning feeling compelled to create and participate in something with passion, to engage life in a way where you feel it expand. To evolve, not devolve. To play bigger, to be more creative, and to play with more energy than you ever believed possible.


This is what it's like when life is working for you.

How would your life be if:

  • who you authentically are came to life and revealed itself? 

  • you lived in a way that excited your senses and challenged you to use all of your strengths, gifts, talents and creativity?

  • you had the skills to consciously design the life you know you are meant to live?

 Maybe it's time to start figuring it out. 


Being in inertia gives us the feeling of heaviness,

as if we are weighted down, stuck. It's hard to move. It's frustrating

because we know we are destined for more.

By just beginning, starting slow, inching forward, step-by-nano-step,

the momentum will pick up. Not overwhelm.


You just begin by doing what you can, with what you've got, from where you are .... 

and you keep moving forward.

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5 Steps to Falling Love With

Your Life Again.

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Rather have an actual  Conversation?

Hi, I'm Debbie. I prefer speaking in person too.


If you're like me, when I think about contacting someone, I'm often hesitant because I figure the person is going to try and sell me something. 

Don't worry. I won't. I only want to work with you if you believe that I can help you and that you will experience benefit from working with me.

The only way we're going to be able to figure that out is if we talk.

This consult is complementary so we can get to know each other. Just to give you a hint .... I'm heart-centered. My work is soul-satisfying. I prefer service over sales, collaboration over competition, and love over fear. If this resonates with you, click the blue button and schedule a complementary consult with me.

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