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When you understand what's at play and why you seem to repeat the same painful patterns over and over, a whole new understanding will emerge. When you discover the reasons why you lash out, argue, leave, run away, push people away, freeze in indecision, feel the need to overly care for others even to your detriment, feel like no one cares about you or understands what you're going through no matter how hard you try .... when these things become clear, the emotional bite will begin to dissipate.


I'll show you where trauma, fear and anxiety begin, why it is there, what purpose it served and why it no longer serves you. I'll teach you the skills needed for the upset, frustration, and uncertainty to dissolve leaving room for relief to arrive. As awareness deepens, the emotional pain recedes.


Imagine finally being completely and unequivocally yourself with your partner, every person and situation, and especially with the person in the mirror - without the upset, guilt, shame, and emotional pain. I can help you get to a place where you can authentically validate yourself, trust your decisions, know you are enough and find your own worthiness. Whether you stay with the partner you are with or decide to let him go, you will be deciding from a place of knowing, not guessing.

Debbie Pearson

Inner Mastery Practitioner, Coach, Author