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Why you may feel insecure

As adults we've accomplished many things... and yet, for a lot of us, there is still a feeling deep down inside that something is missing.

So we try harder.

We take another course, we look for that promotion, we find that next partner, we read another self-help book, all in the attempt to soothe some uncomfortable feeling inside of us that says we’re not complete, not good enough, something's lacking. Surely, if we just get to the next stage of our life, business, career, relationship, then things will be better, right?


That is actually heading in the opposite direction. What we should be looking at is where that discomfort is coming from in the first place. Why does it keep showing up?

Did we have parents that expected more from us than they should have? Did we have a teacher who chided us in front of the class? What about school-mates, bullies, or co-workers?

What’s really going on?

When we look out at the world, we see everything through the eyes of the experiences of our lives. Two people can have the exact same experience and have completely different reactions. Why is that?

Let’s say two people are called to the boss' office. They walk in at the same time. The boss looks up from the computer and says , “It’s about time you got here.” One of them may not have too much of a reaction, have a fleeting thought about why the boss said that, but is otherwise unaffected. The other may get really upset and start explaining why it took them why they couldn’t get their sooner and is probably also apologizing.

Same experience, different responses. Have you ever wondered why some people don’t seem to be phased, but others do?

If you are the one who would get upset, feel the need to explain and feel the discomfort of having to do so, you are the one I can help.

Watch this 7-min video on “Why We May Feel Insecure”.

If you resonate with this, please join my class coming up this Monday 6 Jul. We’ll dig deeper into understanding why we have these reactions, but more importantly what to do about them so that they go away.

The 4-week course is called “Relationships 101” because our relationships began the day we were born.

What you’ll learn:

· Why you may feel stress, anxiety, nervousness, fear on a daily basis

· Why you feel that something is missing no matter how successful you are

· What makes you want to argue, run away, cry, freeze up, or people-please

· How to unravel these mysteries

· The reason you feel the discomfort in your body (you know, that weird little vibration that seems to never stop)

· Why you may experience being hypervigilant (watching another's body language, microexpressions, you know, you can see it all, and you’re really good at it)

· What it feels like to finally feel some calmness in your body because you will resonate with the truth of why you experience these feelings in the first place.

Once you understand what's really happening and why, the upset will dissolve. This will change every relationship, especially the one you have with yourself.

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