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When your triggers get triggered

Hello Beautiful One,

Do your triggers ever get triggered? Are you going along in life and not much is happening and then somebody says or does something that puts you in this heightened state of emotion?

It might be anger or rage, it might be numbness or shutting down, it may be worthlessness or questioning your sanity, but what is that about? And why does it affect us so much? Have you ever had the situation where there’s five other people in the room and something one person said affected you drastically and yet no one else seems to be affected by it? What’s up with that?

If you’ve had something happen, especially if there’s that sharp intake of breath when it happened, if somebody says or does something and you feel something upsetting, more than likely it’s reminding you of a previous incident that occurred and this is like throwing a match into a heavily gas-soaked pit of charcoal; akin to reigniting that old pain.

That sharp intake of breath is your key to pause for a moment and ask yourself this question, “When did I feel this before?“ If you want to make a shift in your life, create a habit of asking yourself this question the second that you have that strong emotion. This will evoke a new trajectory for your life. In time, with practice, that upset will be handled in the more immediate moment rather than staying with you for days, weeks, months, or even years.

The second part of the equation, is to then see which one of your core values were violated. Which trigger got triggered? You can look at the chart (thank you Blessing Manifesting) to see what I mean and see if any of these feel like an emotion that you experience. And then, over time, watch to see how often that is the emotion you feel.

There are instances that occurred during childhood which create great upset, trauma even, and live with you from childhood into adulthood. When you take the time to pick it apart and discover what that emotion is you can understand how you felt your personal value(s) were betrayed or violated. You can then see how the current situation isn’t the original trigger of your anger (or upset, worry, frustration, etc.), yet it is the thing that triggered your trigger. Self-awareness is the key to removing this pain.

My wish for you is to grow and learn about how your triggers get triggered, how to find your core value that was violated (see chart), and to understand that you have so much more control in your life than you realize. Again, this will come through self-awareness.

I would love for you to comment below if you’ve had this situation happen to you and let me know how it affected you. Remember to tag me, so I can share in the story of your life. If sharing publicly isn’t your things, feel free to share with me another way (your privacy will be protected).

Sending you huge hugs and big love,

Debbie Pearson

P.S. A warm thank you to the The Gottman Institute for content permission. And, if you like this poster, you can purchase it at Blessing Manifesting, along with other wonderful self-love tools.