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What's wrong with me?


I'm Debbie Pearson, coach, author and speaker. I’m a survivor of many childhood abuses (physical, mental, emotional, and sexual) and have spent my entire adult life in and around the self-help industry looking for answers. I have been fortunate enough to discover the information that has allowed me to move from survivor to THRIVER!

First, I want to graciously and humbly thank you, my clients, for your business. Now more than ever, I find my clients’ needs pointing to healing the confusing and misunderstood emotional discomfort that shows up in all aspects of their lives. The more stories I hear, the more heartache that's expressed, the more upsetting the current situation becomes, the more obvious it is to me that first and foremost, the core wound triggers from childhood need to be revealed and healed.

Understanding these perpetual feelings of low-level toxic stress is PARAMOUNT. Over and over it shows up as my client’s singular focus. The question often being, “What is wrong with me?”

I have discovered two aspects that are critical in understanding and dissolving these upsetting feelings, and they work in tandem. The first is understanding, revealing and HEALING the core wound triggers (CWT) created during infancy, yes infancy. And, the second is participating in our own inner mastery through self-observation and deep inner knowing.

Combining CWT and Inner Mastery (meaning you are mastering the emotional components of yourself) allows you to overcome the inner struggle and upset that has been felt on a daily basis since birth.

Inner SAFETY, emotional security, and outward CONFIDENCE has become the greatest desire of just about every client I coach, and every potential client I speak with. Finding some sense of peace and calm seems to come from a desperate DESIRE to eliminate the overwhelm, the emotional distress, the nervousness and anxiety. We are exhausted from the chronic toxic stress and need relief.

If you experience overwhelm, anxiety, nervousness, anger, the fight or flight feelings, are a people-pleaser, and/or have a constant feeling of push-pull inside of you, I’m inviting you to find out more about the CWTs that are affecting every single aspect of your life, from the thoughts you think, to each and every step you take every single moment of your life.

You can live a life of understanding, calmness, and PEACEFULNESS. You can have that feeling of FREEDOM you have long desired. It is not only possible, but probable, *IF* you learn what the problem is.

Take the first step to understanding how the core wound triggers affect every aspect of your life.

Click here to Register for a 90-minute webinar this Sunday 28 Jun from 4-5:30pm CDT.

The webinar is called How to Feel More Secure in Your Relationships and the most important relationship you’ll ever have is with yourself – make no mistake about this. Get clear in your relationship with yourself, and all your other relationships will change because you will have the knowledge and understanding of how and why the other person is acting the way they do, and what to do about it.

My colleague, Holly Jaleski, author and creator of SqueezeHands™, will be joining me for this eye-opening and results-oriented webinar.

Join us this Sunday to find out what CWTs are affecting you.


Debbie Pearson