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What Does Practice Make?

Hello Beautiful Ones,

What does practice make?

Wow, how did we get so far from the understanding of what it is to just actually recognize the fact that we are human? I mean, how is it that we, as a society, have moved to the place of being the most perfect-ness that we can be, and comparing ourselves with everyone else to see if our perfect-ness can stand up to their seeming perfect-ness. It is insane. It's ridiculous. And quite frankly, as far as I'm concerned, it's just flat out bullshit.

If I said "Practice makes ___________" what word would you use to fill in the blank?

If you're like me you were taught that "Practice makes perfect." If you're like me, you will see the incredible foolishness of this statement. Who's perfect? I see a lot of people practicing a lot of stuff, and some of them get pretty dang good .... but perfect? Nope, not perfect. Close, maybe. But not perfect. So why do we just push and push and push and push ourselves into these psychotic little thought patterns? Because it's what we learned.

Here's the good news!!! If you can learn it, you can UN-learn it! Yay! If we make a mistake we can UN-learn self-hatred and learn about growth. If we mess something up, we can chalk it up to experience, and grow from it. But, since we can't be perfect (and really why would anyone want to be) let's pick a new slogan and go with it. Say it with me if you'd like:

Practice Makes Progress ............ it just makes progress.

My wish for you is ever-loving progress. Mwah!

Huge Hugs and Big Love,