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Waiting for love

Hello Beautiful One,

Are you waiting for love?

I found that most of my life was spent waiting for love. Waiting for others to have time for me, waiting to be acknowledged, waiting for that just right man to show up, waiting for someone to give me the love that my heart was aching for.

I want to share with you something that happened to me that has allowed me to shift my life into a place of much greater joy, peace, love and happiness, regardless of what others do or don’t do.

I was in a session, seeing what was happening internally, and feeling as if I needed to receive love from a specific person. Why doesn’t so-and-so love me? It was agonizing. That person may have been my mother, and if I didn’t receive what I thought I should, I felt less than. It may have been my father, and if he didn’t give me what I needed or wanted, I felt less than. Maybe it was the man in my life, or my child, or even my dog (yeah, ever have your dog reject you? Ouch). But I found if I didn’t get what I thought I should get from them, I would be sad. My happiness and my worth was dependent on their actions.

In this session, I discovered that love is everywhere. It is all around us and it’s up to us to take the time to stop for a moment and see if we can feel it. OK, maybe longer than a moment, definitely worth taking the time to stop long enough, close your eyes, and feel, and see if you can recognize that there is love all around you, and it does not need to be directed at you through someone else. It’s literally just there... and it’s waiting for you to discover it.

Then, when someone does direct their love toward you, it is recognized from an even higher vibration, more intensified. And then your vibration raises even higher.

My wish for you is to be able to find this sense, this feeling, this knowing of love being all around you, and realize that it does not need to be directed toward you from any particular person. It’s just there, waiting for you to allow yourself to feel into it.

Sending you huge hugs and big love, Debbie Pearson Author and Coach