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Starts TOMORROW – Healing Gift Extravaganza

Hello Beautiful One,

Guess what!?!?! We are just ONE DAY AWAY from unveiling a very special event called HEALING GIFT EXTRAVAGANZA, that you can get access to for FREE.

TOMORROW, July 19, is opening day, and we will be showcasing the expertise of 30 holistic healers!

For a limited time, every one of us healers will be offering a special gift that you can download, or get, for free.There will be guided meditations, amazing PDF reports, remote healing sessions, training videos, mini-courses, a sound healing session, astrology readings, master classes and free coaching sessions - WooHoo!

Here’s a sneak peek at just a few of the fascinating topics:

· Learn 7 powerful principles to create the life you want and manifest your deepest desires

· Clear, balance and ground your energetic field

· Use these 10 easy Connection Rituals to create a deep emotional bond with your loved one right now

Buying a collection like this on your own would cost thousands of dollars, but my friends at the Pure Stream Alliance (Craig Stucko, Deborah Edwards and Michael Clark) are giving it away for FREE, because they want to help healers like me spread affordable mind-body-spirit healing throughout the globe. This is what it is like when you live in a world #WhereLoveWins.

I was so excited by their mission that I jumped at the chance to join them. How could I not?

CHECK YOUR INBOX TOMMOROW for complete details on how to get your free access pass.

Huge Hugs and Big Love,

Debbie Pearson