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Standing up to "Should"

Hello Beautiful Ones,

Have you ever stood up to "should"?

Jeesh, I can remember hearing that I should do this, or that I should do that from a very early age. You should brush your teeth, you should make your bed, you should be nice to your siblings, you should respect your elders, you should go to church on Sundays, you should get your shots, you should wear your skirt the correct length, you should go clear your room, you should always wear a bra, you should eat right, you should exercise, and my favorite .... you should do as I say, not as I do.

Then I got older and heard things like you should weigh this amount, and you should be this height, you should have this much money, you should drive this type of car, you should marry this type person, you should have this much intelligence, you should tolerate these horrible behaviors, you should be further along, you should act this way, you should use this product, you should ......

And then I got wiser and said, "World, I love you ..... but I love me more!" And somehow I had the where with all and inner strength to decide that I was going to decide what "shoulds" I should do. I should be kind, I should keep my mother earth clean, I should stand up for the voiceless, I should be compassionate, I should wear what makes me feel most joyful, I should help others whenever I can, I should live my best life, I should pay attention to how I am feeling, I should help make the world a better place, I should find my vibe tribe, I should do things that make me feel like I'm making a difference. I should live my highest good.

My hope for you is to find the shoulds, that help you to live your highest good.

Huge hugs and big love,