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she shifted her thought, because she could

Dear Beautiful One,

Once upon a time, I shifted a thought….. wow!

Have you ever had that happen? You’ve thought a certain thing your whole life and then one day, you shift that thought to something different.

I remember when that happened to me, and that’s when I became aware that I could consciously shift my thoughts by paying attention to them, and I’ve been doing so ever since. You’ve probably read the popular saying, She believed she could, so she did.* There have been times in my life when I believed I wouldn’t lose weight, when I believed I didn’t deserve a boyfriend, when I believed I couldn’t backpack 500 miles across the country of Spain. And then there was that moment when I shifted my thought, which shifted my belief, which shifted the reality of my life. I lost weight. I found myself walking down the aisle to be married. I backpacked 500 miles across Spain.

My mind is forever changed. It’s made me realize that I can also shift a lot of other thoughts about myself, like having better relationships, knowing my worth, generating ways to feel more love for myself, validating myself and not expecting others to do it for me.

What I’ve realized is that none of this happens all at once. Each shift starts off as a marginal awareness. That awareness grows as I pay attention and receive more information. Sometimes I seek it, and sometimes it finds me. Soon the growth is large enough to grab hold. And then, once I grab hold of it, the shift happens.

Thoughts and beliefs are intrinsically intertwined. As one shifts, the other shifts. Soon, the momentum picks up (think of pushing off on a bike, skating, scooting a sled downhill) and the hardest part is over. It’s always hardest to begin, and yet, how often has it not been worth it?

If the idea of being able to shift your thought appeals to you, click here for a 1-2 minute read on Shifting Thought Basics. This information will help you see a little better how shifting your thoughts even slightly can help you become more aligned with the desired life you’d rather be living.

My wish for you, Beautiful One, is that you learn more about loving yourself, and in the process, to see how capable you can become at shifting and changing the thoughts in your life.

Huge hugs and big love,

Debbie Pearson

Transformation Coach, Author, Speaker

*Unfortunately, I cannot find who the author is to give credit. Please let me know if you know.

P.S. I’m excited to let you know that I’ve been working hard behind the scenes on my new course called The Journey to Joy: A Path of Inner Mastery. This course is for you if you feeling like you're not good enough, want more worthiness and validation in your life, want more connection, and if you know, deep down inside, that you are supposed to be making a difference in the world but you just don’t know how to go about it. Stay tuned for more information coming soon.