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Quiet in the woods

When I go to the woods, I like when it's quiet.

I find it interesting that people want to talk while walking in the woods. You can hear people talk anywhere, but in the woods I really prefer to listen to the sounds of nature.

One of the things that inspires me about wildlife is that they aren’t annoyed by people talking (although the hunted animals do seem to run away). The birds don’t stop singing, the water doesn’t stop gurgling, the trees don’t stop humming.

They don’t stop being who they are, which is so cool. It made me wonder how often have I acted differently depending on who was and wasn’t around?

I’ve let the look from someone turn my stomach into knots. I’ve let another’s words make me feel small. I’ve let sounds that were outside of my control disturb my peace and happiness.

But guess what?

I found out it doesn’t have to be that way. I discovered how to dissolve my anxiety and be happy whether or not my partner is acting nicely, whether or not my business is doing well, whether or not I’m living where I want to live.

I spent decades living with anxiety, and not even knowing it. It wasn’t until I was backpacking regularly that I noticed how anxious I felt even in the serenity of the woods. I thought that I was full of energy, and that my surroundings were making me feel irritated and shaky inside.

But it turns out it wasn’t what was going on outside of me, it was what was going on inside of me. And best of all I found I could do something about it.

I’ve learned to dissolve my anxiety, and have helped my clients to learn to do so too.

You can feel calm and at ease no matter what’s going on around you.

You can feel inner peace and happiness in the midst of turbulence and unknowns.

You can experience clarity even during uncertainty.

I know changing was a challenge for me at first because my anxiety. Having excess energy (aka anxiety) was familiar and without it I feared I'd become a slug. But guess what, you can have even more energy, more inspiration, and deeper connections to yourself and others when you learn how to dissolve your anxiety.

Happiness that comes from within is the only true, lasting happiness there is. And if you’re dependent on outside circumstances to feel happy then you may have more anxiety than you realize.

But just know this, you can feel truly happy no matter what’s going on.

Does this story resonate with you? Do you feel excessive energy, always needing to be doing something, and if you're not, it feels scary or unsafe?

I'm wondering how many people have felt the way I felt. If this is you, comment or put a gif in the comments.