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My Healing Gift for You – Healing Gift Extravaganza

Hello Beautiful One,

If you’ve read my previous emails, you’ve heard me say how wonderful the HEALING GIFT EXRAVAGANZA is.

…about the treasure trove of gifts that 30 healers came together to offer you for free.

…about the fabulous collection of guided meditations, amazing PDF reports, remote healing sessions, training videos, mini-courses, sound healing sessions, astrology readings, master classes and free coaching sessions that are available for the taking.

Well, today I want to let you know that one of those gifts comes directly from me. Get your free ACCESS PASS for the HEALING GIFT EXTRAVAGANZA now, you will receive my very own special gift to you!

If you are looking to get unstuck in life, have residual emotional pain from childhood, are wanting to connect to your inner voice, you may want to read my book called “Why is My Dad Such a Jerk to Me?” or you may want to schedule a strategy call with me to see what is possible for your future.

When you read my book, or schedule your complimentary strategy session, you will feel a new sense of emotional peace and hope, knowing that joy, love, happiness and fulfillment is only a few steps away.

To get my gift, all you have to do is click here now to get your free ACCESS PASS…

…and look for me inside.

My wish for you is to see that you can create a life that is within your control, and it’s way easier than you think.

Huge Hugs and Big Love,

Debbie Pearson

P.S. I thank my friends at the Pure Stream Alliance (Michael Clark, Craig Stucko and Deborah Edwards) for creating the HEALING GIFT EXRAVAGANZA and joining with people like me to spread affordable mind-body-spirit healing throughout the globe. This is how we can work together to live in a world #WhereLoveWins.

Please help support our mission by sending this email to any friends and family that you think might get benefit from the amazing gifts being offered. Have you looked at them yet?