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It was like a miracle in her life

A few days after one of my classes a student contacted me to let me know of a surprising and wonderful thing that happened in her life.

After the class on Shifting Thought, Vanessa headed home. She picked up some dinner for her and her daughter as they had an event to attend that evening. As usual, her daughter was moving in a slow, deliberate manner. This often made Vanessa very upset inside thinking that they would be late. The slower the daughter went, the fast Vanessa's insides went. The greater discomfort Vanessa felt, the more she would fuss at her daughter. She would say things like hurry up, let's go, move it, and we're going to be late, but her daughter just continued to move as the same slow, steady pace. Needless to say, this drove Vanessa crazy.

This one particular night, after the class, Vanessa served the food and sat down to eat. She finished quite quickly and was getting up to go finish getting ready. Her daughter's plate was still nearly full. Upset and agitated on the inside, she decided to put into use what she had learned that day. Instead of fussing at her daughter, she said, "We need to leave at 7pm," and walked out of the kitchen, her daughter nodding in understanding.

When it was time to go, Vanessa was surprised to see her daughter in the living room waiting for her. They got in the car and as they were headed for their event, her daughter, in her slow, soft way, without any prompting, said, "Mom, thanks for not fussing at me." Vanessa could hardly believe her ears. "That's like a miracle for us,"she said.

What a wonderful moment of connection Vanessa was able to have with her daughter, just because she learned a new understanding about how different people operate and how what works best for one person doesn't work at all for another. Vanessa learned specific information on how to shift the way she thinks and put that into action.

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Sending you huge hugs and big love,

Debbie Pearson