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It’s Crazy. Have You Seen All They’re Giving Away? – Healing Gift Extravaganza

Hello Beautiful One,

The HEALING GIFT EXRAVAGANZA is in full swing! If you haven’t had a chance to see how much we are giving away, now is a great time.

Want to see a complete rundown of all the free gifts that our healers have generously donated just for you! Check them out below now before they are gone. (Doors close on July 28.) Click here

DEBORAH EDWARDS - eBook on the “7 Spiritual Laws of Success” by Deepak Chopra. Use powerful principles to create the life you want by manifesting your deepest desires.

CRAIG STUCKO – 45-Minute Distance Group Healing Session. Clear, balance and ground your energetic field in the comfort of your own home.

MICHAEL CLARK – PDF Guide. “Connection Rituals: 10 Easy Ways to Grow Closer to Your Partner Right Now.”

CHERYL MURPHY - 5 Video Mini-Courses. Get the Top 5 "Priceless" Tools to Ignite Your Psychic Ability

JODY MARQUIS - Happiness Survey with 5 free training videos and Facebook group

DEBBIE PEARSON - eBook “Why Is My Dad Such a Jerk to Me?” Practical advice on how to move beyond the emotional pain, find your true self, and learn to live from a place of confidence.

LINDA ARMSTRONG – 5 Video Mini-Course in High Vibe Living. Learn how to flip from feeling bad to GOOD no matter what is going on around you!

DANIELA HOFF - Coming Home – A guided meditation supported by energy work. Experience the live online event and a downloadable recording.

CHRISTINE STALSONBURG - Reiki 101: Learn About the Natural Healing Energies of Reiki

HEATHER FLEMING – PDF Guide. “Feel. Meal. Heal.” A nutritionist shows you how to use your intuition to guide your diet.

GINNY TRIERWEILLER - eBook “6 Steps to Slender for Good: Getting to Your Right-Sized Body and Vibrant Health.”

KATHRYN CURTICE - PDF - The Road to Remarkable Relationships! A life-changing tool that teaches you in 5 easy steps how to stay connected to your Self in all your relationships.

KAREN DE WILDE – 30-Minute Mayan Tzolkin Reading. Discover your life destiny, your soul path, and how you are energetically supported from the cosmos to grow, create and be yourself.

ALEXANDER DUNLOP - eBook “Discover The Purpose of Your Life: It’s In The Cards For You!”

Click here to get any of these free gifts - above or below…

TARA BEDEAU – Audio File. Facilitate awareness of your hidden beliefs and toxic thought patterns in areas of challenge in your life.

CECILE THOMAS - 30-Min Free Coaching Session. Use the Law of Attraction to close the gap between where you are in your life and where you want to go.

CALYNDA TRIFFO - "Introduction to Pivot" Masterclass, a four-part mini-course that outlines the steps to create your ideal life. Plus, a 30-minute consultation.

BRENDA MOKEN - Meditation of Self Discovery. Open to all your possibilities and feel the connectedness of all that is.

MIRA RUBIN - 30-Minute Conversational Assessment. Identify the key issue that keeps you from achieving the success and fulfillment you desire in life and in business.

LISA O’BRIEN - Canyon Clearing Meditation. Clear your chakras and elevate the frequencies of all your cells. Use this meditation to center, energize or calm your Being as you reconnect with Self.

URMIL WADHWA - Whole Body Scan Healing Meditation. Release toxic emotions that can be harmful and develop disease or inflammation in the body.

ARINA MATVEJEVA - Inner Softness Meditation, “Embrace and accept your inner self.”

ELIZABETH KENNEDY - Divine Mother Audio Meditation: Be received with infinite tenderness, love, care, gentleness, and wisdom.

TANYA KUTTERER - Protection and Grounding Meditation. Find your center, so you can feel peaceful, content and connected. Shield yourself from energies that don’t serve your highest good.

SHUNNY WILLAMOVIUS - Overtone Sound Healing. Let the frequencies of powerful gongs, tuning forks, singing bowls, and other over-tone instruments induce altered states to release blockages and restore the flow of your Qi.

ANN GIBSON - “Becoming Limitless” Masterclass. The 5 Secret Shifts My Clients Make to Achieve what Previously Felt Impossible & Create an Extraordinary Life of Aliveness, Adventure & Freedom ~ no matter how stuck you’ve been!

ERIC BRUMMETT - Guided Thetahealing® Meditation. Achieve accelerated transformation in any area of your life by going into the theta brainwave state and connecting to the "energy of all that is," allowing you to heal emotionally, physically and mentally.

ARYANA K. ROLLINS – Sample of eBook “Manifesting Guide for Intuitive People,” plus a guided meditation and PDF exercises. Stop forcing and get things done with ease and grace!

ANGI KING - Self-Love meditation. Use the power of 44 affirmations to you learn to love yourself and know you are unique and special. Reprogram your negative beliefs and thoughts into positive, loving ones and create positive changes in your life.

EILEEN BARNES – One-Hour Coaching Session. Make improvements in dating or relationships with friends and family. Develop a plan to live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

These generous people donated their gifts to help you to reach your highest level of physical and emotional wellbeing.

Please don’t let this much compassion and goodwill go to waste.

You owe it to yourself to check out the HEALING GIFT EXTRAGAVANZA now!

Click here to get your free gifts…

Huge hugs and big love,

Debbie Pearson

P.S. My friends at the Pure Stream Alliance (Craig Stucko, Deborah Edwards and Michael Clark) created the HEALING GIFT EXTRAVAGANZA to begin forming a more global community for wellness, healthy lifestyle and natural healing.

They are the driving force that brought all these healers together to offer their gifts to you.

Please support their mission!