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How we were parented affects every aspect of our lives

I’m Debbie Pearson and I help people understand why they may feel anxious, nervous, or upset a lot of the time. I also help people understand why they may have so much emotional discomfort in their relationships.

I’ve studied how people react to much of everyday life is directly linked to how they were raised as a child. What happened between us and our parents and/or caregivers at our earliest of age may have been a good experience for some, but for over 70% of us there were situations and events that created much emotional distress.

This emotional distress often shows up as either us needing another person to help us feel better (especially a romantic partner), or it may show up as us pushing people away a little too often. Sometimes, both of these happen within the same person. No matter where you may fall in these three categories, the result is often a variety of forms of anxiety, retreating, people-pleasing, nervousness, or even paralysis (have you ever felt like you just didn't know what to do?).

Here's a short 9-min video to explain a little about the different parenting styles to give you a sneak peak into some of the things we’ll be talking about in our webinar on Sunday 28 June.

During the event my colleague, Holly Jaleski and I will take some time to work with you, if you’d like, to see how anxiety or the other upsets might be showing up in your life.

The only way we can move forward is by seeing things in a different way. To see things in a different way you’ll need to learn some new information. Holly and I will provide you not only with new information, but with some tools to help you see what results are possible and hopefully provide you with a couple of a-ha moments as well.

Here’s the details for the webinar:

What: How To Feel More Secure in Your Relationships

Who: Anyone experiencing anxiety or emotional upset

Where: Register here

When: Sun 28 Jun 4-5:30pm Central

How: via Zoom (costs $7)

Why: To dissolve the anxiety and emotional upset

Only you can help you. A lot of us were trained to depend on others to help make us feel better, but we can teach you how to depend on yourself, so you’re not at another’s mercy. You really can do this. I have shifted from the anxiety to feeling safe, secure and confident within myself and so has Holly. We’d love to help you do the same.

Click here to join us in "How to Feel More Secure in Your Relationships" for an interactive experience.