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How to Manage Struggles in a Loving Way

Everyone experiences hardships throughout their lives. It may seem hard, but it is important to realize that you can accept such trials as a part of life. When you experience adversity, start by believing you can made it through, that you can soar right past any annoyance or hardship it may bring.

By confronting distressing issues, you are able to rise above them and move on with your life. Although, at times, you might feel constrained by the stress of life, know you can overcome any situation that is placed before you. Undeterred, you can break it down into smaller issues, using small steps that you can address and resolve, one by one.

It is possible to refuse to allow challenging issues to pull you down. Know that you have the freedom to address and resolve your hardships however you see fit. You are in control of your life. Maybe that is hard to believe, but it’s true.

In your efforts to manage life's trials, look inside for your confidence, courage and humility. Each time you solve a trying situation, you will be more and more energized by each victory. Watch it happen, keep score.

Write in your journal about all the methods you’ve used to successfully manage life's tribulations in the past. Based on what you’ve learned from these experiences, you can plan your strategy to triumph over future predicaments. Paying attention is step one.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. When I am confronted with one of life's challenges, how do I respond?

2. Do I deny the struggles that come into my life or do I face them head-on?

3. How will I handle hardships that come my way in the future?

If you can do this on your own, do it! Congrats, you're on the right path! However, for many of us, the struggles are too difficult, our knowledge limited, our discomfort too overwhelming and we need assistance.

I often hear questions like these: But, how do I respond differently? How do I stop doing what I do? Why do I feel this way? How am I going to handle my feelings when things don’t go the way I think they should?

If you’d like to understand better, you may want to join me in a webinar called “Attachment Styles: Understanding Yourself and Your Partner”. There are reasons why we act the way we do, why our partner acts the way they do, and why sometimes these ways clash creating disconnection – when all we really want it to connect. This webinar helps you understand what's at the root of the problem.

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