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Do You Watch What You Do?

Do you ever observe your behavior?

I started to do this a while back and I found some very interesting things. I found that I wanted everyone else to do things my way. Lol, not the most successful path I’ve ever been on 😅. I can see how I used how I felt and what I thought as my guide post of what other people should or shouldn’t do.

Do you do this to?

When I really started looking at things and understood that any sharp change in my emotions (withdrawing, numbness, anger, etc) was a waving flag for me to pay attention to, I begin to notice that the feeling I was having was actually something that came up from my past from a very negative experience. Here’s where the interesting thing happened… When I stopped trying to get the other person to change, but instead observed my behavior, I realized I had more than one choice. Yes, I could decide something different!

As I begin to observe myself, I begin to see the emotion I am having did not originate with this person (even though the sensation is the same), I am able to step back a little and see how it triggers my trigger from before. Being able to see this allows me to make a decision about whether I want to continue on the same path, or maybe shift and do something a little differently. It is a new found freedom that has completely changed my life.

My wish for you, Beautiful One, is this:

1. begin observing your behavior

2. see if what is happening (that is creating a negative energy space for you) is truly what’s happening in the moment, or something that’s being remembered from the past

3. decide if you want to continue down that path, or create a new path for yourself.

4. begin to find some possibilities for newfound freedom

It’s all about Choice - and you get to choose it!

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Huge hugs and big love,