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Do you know your attachment style?

Why do we get along so well with some people, and not others? How can some make us feel so sad and confused, unworthy or afraid? If you are having difficulty understanding certain aspects of your relationships, whether romantic, familial, or platonic, learning about Attachment Styles will open your eyes as to why.

How we were treated in the earliest of our years has a huge impact on how we interact with others. Certain situations were imprinted in our minds and are still showing up through subconscious behavior patterns. The behavior patterns can wreak havoc in our lives, creating feelings of rejection or abandonment, feeling like we don't belong, aren't good enough, feel unlovable or unworthy. Sometimes we are afraid to feel our emotions or fear being taken advantage of.

Yep! All of that comes from our childhoods and there's more. The good news is that by learning about Attachment Styles and doing some reprogramming, we can dissolve, remove, eliminate these uncomfortable emotional states. In other words we can move from the insecure types (Anxious, Avoidant, and Fearful) to the the Secure Attachment Style, and lead a much healthier, happier life, both personally, and in business.

Let me explain what happens to you when you have a parent that undervalues you, doesn't acknowledge you, provided material things but not emotional connection. Let me explain why you might feel like you always need someone else to help you through things, or why you are always trying to fix the other person. Let me explain why you may want to fight or feel angry, why you have feelings of nervousness, upset, feel flawed or undeserving.

Does this describe your life?

Join me in this complementary class, where you will learn your Attachment Style, what your core wounds probably are, and what you can do to stop the emotional pain and benefit from your intellectual gain!

This is a 2-hour event. If you can't make this date there is repeat on Tues 22 Sept, and Tues 29 Sept.