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A huge opportunity?

Hello Beautiful One,

I’m seeing a huge opportunity.

Honestly, I don’t know how long it’s been since we’ve been quarantined – the days seem to run into each other. I’ve gone through a strange up and down period, a bag of mixed emotions, a roller coaster ride …. and yet lately, the last few days, I’ve been experiencing things just a little bit differently. My thoughts are shifting. I’m noticing that I’m giving myself permission to slow down. Like, it’s OK not to go so fast (who knew?) I’m realizing that the pressure to do more and have more and be more is a SELF-IMPOSED pressure.

What’s been happening for me in these days of solitude, isolation, quarantine, distancing, and aloneness is there’s been a SHIFT in my thought patterns and in my thinking. And the shift is beginning to take me to a place of experiencing more of what I REALLY WANT. What I’m finding I want more than anything is peace in my heart, sharing generously with others, calmness without the financial stress, happiness for whatever that means right now in this moment, and to find pleasantness in whatever it is that I’m doing.

I’ll admit that in the beginning of the world starting to shut down I’d been feeling a bit of an existential angst. Who am I, why am I here, what’s going on and what is the purpose of what’s happening? Is there meaning to what’s going on? What is it trying to teach us?

What if what is happening is *forcing* us to experience more of our personal self? I mean how can it not? How can we have different feelings than normal and not realize how different they are? Isn’t that how we experience what “different” is? Isn’t experiencing “different” how we experience more of ourselves?

If so, and I believe it is so, then what is it that we could be pondering that would be more beneficial than the way we’ve been living? What if, by using OUR OWN thoughts instead of what we’ve been taught, we start to shift more towards what we really want? What if we look more deeply at what’s really important to us? What if we experience more of our own intuition and start TRUSTING it in earnest? What if there is more of learning who we truly are deep down inside without the pressures that we’ve adopted and adapted to, and placed on ourselves based on other-directed thinking?

Think about it… we’ve been “other-directed” from the day we were born. Our parents directed us in how they wanted us to behave, how to act, what to do and how to do it, gave us thoughts they held dear, then sent us to school where teachers imposed their thoughts and other-directed us in how and where to sit, what our lessons were, what social and behavioral skills were appropriate. And then we go to work, and we are other-directed by what our boss and our boss’ boss wants us to do and what the company policy is and what the mission is, and all of the directions that others want from us so they can get what they think they want, keeping us small, non-thinking, non-feeling, and definitely not knowing how to DIRECT OURSELVES.

What if we’ve been “small” for so long that we don’t know how to not be? What if coronavirus is a HUGE OPPORTUNITY for us to step outside of being small …. to become more aware of how we’d rather be living, to experience more of the emotions we’d rather be having, and to become more consciously aware of what we consider to be important, and not what others have decided for us?

What happens when we take some quiet time and look at the oxygen producing, life-giving trees, the order, importance and impact of insects, the beauty and symmetry of flowers, and if we take a minute to notice just how enormously huge the sky is? And what if we see that we are not here to be small and other-directed, but to be INNER DIRECTED and see our own vastness?

My wish for you is to see the huge opportunity that is your inner beauty, the magic of your intuition, the wonder of your intelligence, and the opening that allows in new levels of genuineness and authenticity in all aspects of your life.

Sending out to you huge hugs and big love,

Debbie Pearson

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