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Go For What You Want

Hello Beautiful Ones,

Go for what you want!

I don't mean go for what you want to the detriment of others, I mean to go for what you want as a means of being a better you. Creating a better you is in essence creating a better world.

In the beginning, it was hard to do this. I had so much programming from other supposedly well-meaning adults that I no idea what it is that I wanted to do, but I could definitely tell you what "they" wanted me to do. So many words of what I should do, shouldn't do, must do, can't do, etc. No wonder I was on overwhelm. No wonder I felt confused about whether I was doing the right thing or not. No wonder frustration and internal anger filled my life.

As I began to understand that people would tell me what they want me to do because it makes "them" feel better, I began to see that it didn't necessarily make me feel better, and often times, it made me feel worse. That's not how I wanted to go through life.

Little by small, I began to make tiny changes, and from those tiny changes came bigger ones. And from the bigger ones, came some great ones, really great ones for me. Ones that changed my conscious choices in a way that has allowed me to life a happier and freer life. But what did I do to make that happen?

I did 4 things:

1. I decided on what I wanted (I did this many times, and continue to do it in many aspects)

2. I wrote it down (super important that black & white visual)

3. I made a plan (what needed to happen for me to get to my desired decision)

4. I took action (a most critical step!)

It's not an over-night thing, so let's be real about what is expected. It's a step by step action plan to get you where you want to go.

When I decided to walk across Spain, it took me 38 days of many hours of walking each day. At rough calculation I took over 1.5 million steps to get where I wanted to go. Would I have gotten there if I had quit? Of course not. So I kept going, and sometimes it was tough, but I'm proud to say I got to my destination. In this case, here was my plan:

1. I had decided what I wanted to do (walk the Camino in Spain)

2. I wrote it down (on paper, in my calendar, at home, at work)

3. I made a plan (where I'd be and when - and I ended up having to change it several times, and that's ok)

4. I took action (again and again and again, each day for many months prior to going and each day while I was there).

My hope for you, precious ones, is that you begin to decide what it is that you want, and you figure out a way to move towards that thing, and that with each step you take you realize that you really are moving towards the life that you desire to live! It's not really magic, even though sometimes it feels that way.

Huge hugs and big love,