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Appreciate the Little Things

Hello Gorgeous,

Appreciate the Little Things

How has our world gotten to be so busy, yet every step of the way claims to be saving us time?! Get this app in order to save time doing this, get the other app and monitor your progress doing that other thing, check emails, fb, twitter, etc, download another app to play games, and the list goes on and on. Wow, what happened, how did we get here?

Don't get me wrong, I love my phone and my apps and I do think that there are so many positive benefits, but I have also been alive long enough to recognize that something has changed too. I find we are more distant as humans, we don't hang out as much, we don't participate with nature, we are "too busy" to smell the roses. We are digitize, electri-fried, and a little short circuited. We forget, or are too busy, to connect with *who we really are".

I'd like to take time, the time I would have spent playing that game, or reading that (this?) blog, and spend that time appreciating the little things, that have always been. The ants in their never ending search for food, the butterflies that just emerged, the flowers blooming in the summer, the scent of the ligustrum, the laughter of the child, to wag of the dog, the smile of the stranger, the wave of the leaves. Appreciation fills our lives with happiness.

My wish for you gorgeous one, is that by appreciating the little things, you recognize your own connection and see your magnificence, you feel the power welling up inside of you. Like the ant, you see the power of the search, like the butterfly you understand your constant emerging, like the flower your feel your power to bloom, and you hear your own laughter, and as feel happy as that pup, and you smile at strangers and wave, like the leaves in the trees.

Happiness grows as we blossom a little more each day!

Huge hugs and big love,