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Nothing Happens By Accident?

Hello Beautiful Ones,

Nothing happens by accident .... do you believe this?

I want to say I believe it, because mostly I do. I have seen amazing things, not necessarily or specifically in the moment, but when I've looked back over time. And when I've looked back and I follow my steps from then until now, I am often blown away at what looked sad, unfortunate, or confusing to me at the time was just exactly what was needed for today. Here's an example:

I had a job I didn't like. I wanted a big change in my life. In 2015 I walked a 3000 year old path that was 500 miles long and it took me 38 days. A few months later in 2016 I took a course and became a certified trainer for Infinite Possibilities. These 2 things combined made me realize I needed to quit my job. In late 2016, I did, and sold everything I owned and ended up at a Soulapalooza (spiritual type) conference in Orlando, FL later that year. I interestingly connected with a woman, I'll call her "Lisa", who suggested we talk about my artwork and a possible independent contractor position. I was elated! This was perfect for me. How often had I wanted to just create and have someone else sell it for me??? A dream job come true in my book.

For six months I created and created and created and I tried really hard to produce what I thought her customers might want but also trying to be true to myself. For 6 months I loved creating all these different types of images, playing with lots of different art styles, but overall her customers and my art style did not make a match. I became dismayed, frustrated and confused and started looking elsewhere for income and time passed on.

Here we are today, only a year and a half later, and I'm writing blogs for the first time in my life. Interestingly, I find myself remembering an image that I created during that time and it seems to work well for my blog ... so I add it in. Today's image is no different. Even though it does not specifically show me leaving my job, or painting, it is a visual cue about how different my art style is from what Lisa's customers are wanting, which is now just fine. What it shows is that somehow by creating all these different types of images I was actually creating for ME! I had no idea! So here is a situation where I was doing something for what seemed like someone else, was frustrated because it wasn't "happening" the way I wanted, and I moved on, only to realize that it was such a blessing to have created all these images that I can now use for me (and you). I didn't realize that I was creating my future! I only knew that I was having sadness or confusion in present.

So .... does everything happen for a reason? I don't know, but it sure seems that way!

What I hope for you is that even when things aren't going in a way that you wish they were, and you're feeling that level of frustration and irritation, that maybe what is really going on is larger than the vision that you (as a human) could possibly hold. And my hope is that you find a way to begin to trust that everything is as it should be .... because we don't know what's coming.

I find myself renewing that trust more and more and more.

Huge hugs and big love,