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Practice Makes .... Progress

Hello Gorgeous,

Did you know it's OK to be bad at something you are working towards getting good (or better) at? Practice makes progress.

In my previous life (here on earth) I was an art teacher. Although I did faux finishes, murals, and beginner classes, my most successful classes by far were of the sip-wine-and-paint variety. The overwhelming majority of people that came to these classes were women in the 25-45 year age range, who worked for a living outside the home, and usually moms. It was a great place to go to do something for yourself, get in a little socializing, create and do something to feel good about yourself, aka a little "me" time.

Although the classes were meant for fun, creativity and recreations, there would regularly be those who were just a nervous wreck. They had never painted before, not even their finger nails. They had never held a brush, not even to paint the walls. They couldn't draw a straight line with a ruler. They couldn't draw a stick figure. lol, these were sayings I heard quite often. I would always reassure them that it was going to work out and to just "drink your wine .... you'll be fine." As I lovingly smiled at them while jokingly saying this they usually understood that I would be there for them. I would let them know that I would help "fix it", and it was interesting to see the physical change, the relief, in their bodies.

But I would wonder.... what's going on with someone who is 5-10 minutes into a painting, and has such upset? How is it that because we are adults we think we should be good at everything we do, especially something new? There is very little about painting, including how to hold the brush, that we would have any experience with in life, unless you've taken a painting class. I would try and reassure the person that they are only "5 paint minutes old, give yourself a little time".

At some point I tried something new ( and sucked at it) and had to remind myself that I had no experience in this particular genre and was able to tell myself that I was only "5 minutes old" too. I realized that even though I was making mistakes, I was learning something. Do you know how much the brain LOVES to learn something new? Even with the screw ups, the brain is happy and excited (.... the ego, well, that's another thing lol).

So Gorgeous Ones, my hope for you is to remember that it's OK to be bad at something you are working towards getting good (or better) at .... mistakes show you are trying!

Huge hugs and big love,