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Think. Believe. Do.

Hello Beautiful Ones,

Think. Believe. Do.

I can remember a while back meditating every morning and asking for money. I pictured it snowing from the sky, I pictured the number in my bank account going up, up, up. I even just *knew* that I was going to make so much money that I would be able to pay off my house, my car, and live a much easier life.

But I didn't know that I was doing it ..... all wrong (ugh!)

I did think about it a lot. I thought about it every day. I saw it in my mind. I pictured it. I meditated on it. I prayed for it. I wanted it to happen. I just knew if I kept doing this it would just happen, because that's what I was hearing. You know, just keep doing this and it will come ... it must ... it is law ... law of attraction ... gonna happen .... gotta happen.

And I believed it would .... or did I? I told myself I believed it. I will say that I tried to believe it. I wanted to believe it, but in actuality I would feel contracted every time I meditated on it. I could sense it just didn't feel true. I kept thinking that if I said it long enough, if I believed it, at least sort of, then it must come to pass. It seemed that the gurus I was listening to were saying that .... or maybe that's just what I was hearing.

But things have changed now. Things are a bit different. Through listening to other gurus, or refining how I'm hearing, I'm understanding that in addition to thinking it .... in addition to believing it .... I must also DO something! Wha-what???!!! Do something? Like what?

Yep, I discovered that it is great to think of a dream .... and it is great to believe in that dream ... and we should. But we must also head toward that dream by taking action! Like what if I wanted to play piano and bought a keyboard, sat down and prayed or meditated on playing. I picture myself in front of crowds and people cheering, but I never take a lesson or practice with my fingers on the keys. Hmmmm.... not gonna get very far, am I? I think the magic is in the doing. The magic is in the heading in the direction of where you want to ultimately be and feeling what it feels like if you were already there. Oh yeah!

So my wish for you is to not only think of what you want and to believe it with all your heart, but to DO things that head you in the direction of making your dream(s) come true! What do you think? Does it make sense to you?

Huge hugs and big love,


P.S. I created this image to go into the coloring book idea of Rebecca Psigoda's "I Believe in ME!: The Adventure Begins". It stems from a children's empowerment program that teaches kids how to live happier, healthier lives. All proceeds from the coloring book go right back into the program for scholarships for financially challenged youth. It is available on Amazon (