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The Anger Channel

Hello and Welcome to .....

"The Anger Channel"

After my post yesterday about being surprised at how happy I am, I was challenged with the question, “So, you never get angry, you’re just happy *ALL* the time?”

lol, of course I get angry! Several times a day actually. And no, I’m not happy ALL the time. But that’s where the magic lies, the magic of my inner power!

I can’t stop a feeling or an emotion from coming into my head or my body. But I can decide ... I HAVE THE POWER to decide (you do too!)... how long I’m going to focus on it, how long I am going to allow it to upset me, if it’s something that’s worth focusing on, if that’s where I want to spend my energy, or if I want to focus on the opposite of the initial concept and thereby move out of a potentially limiting belief into a more empowering one, or get out of victim mode and move into a place of inner strength.

In fact, it’s because of my anger that I have happiness. That may sound backwards, but all of our emotions are on a spectrum. And if you know what you don’t want, you pretty much automatically know what you do want because it’s often just the opposite. In the past I was pretty much angry most of the time. Little by little I figured out being angry and doing nothing about it only hurts me and the people around me. Learning what I was angry about, what I could do about this thing or that, what I could do about how I felt about this thing or that, well, that’s when things started to change. That’s when I changed from letting anger control me, to me beginning to take control of how I would react to the anger. Sometimes I found the appropriate action to the anger was channeling it into a powerful voice (a good example is “Standing in Your Truth”). Sometimes I found, and still find, that it’s something that triggered a trigger from the past and I’m not really angry at what’s in front of me. For each sensation of anger it requires an examining, there is no one formula, no one size fits all, no one way to handle it.

Here’s the thing about emotions… they are in constant movement, like the ocean. And just like being on the ocean, you have to learn the sensations of shifting and moving your weight to stay upright as the boat rocks back and forth and up and down, right? After a while it becomes a little more say automatic and you don’t have to pay as much attention to it because you get better at it. It’s like that as you move into a place of learning what the anger emotion is about, what you plan on doing about it, and what action needs to be taken on the review of the feeling. You start figuring it out, and you get better at it.

My wish for you is to begin to recognize what is creating the anger, to begin to recognize what you might be able to do about it, and from that place of making an internal powerful choice you can either dissipate the anger or feed it into an appropriate channel.... we’ll call it The Anger Channel. My wish for you is the never ending expansion of your happiness.

Huge hugs and big love