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Imagination is Everything!

Hello Beautiful Ones,

Imagination is everything! It's the key to life's coming attractions. (Albert Einstein)

I have read this quote here and there for literally decades. I never understood what it meant. How is imagination everything? I mean it's something we use to entertain ourselves, yeah, I get that, and we use it to daydream with, or maybe to create something .... but life's coming attractions? What the heck does that have to do with anything?

I remember being a young adult, just getting out on my own. Oh, what a glorious time! So many new things made life a little exciting, but I had no real job skills and working minimum wage made it hard to do things, like pay the bills, much less go places or do anthing interesting. No, for me it was about experimenting with drugs and alcohol. I don't know about anyone else, but I knew I was trying to find life and fun within the numbness and confusion, to dull the pain, the internal pain, the emotional pain, the boredom, the sense of lack, the wondering.... can this be all there is to life? Surely there must be more.

And so I began to search.

I started to look for, and then I started to find books to read, a video here and there, a conversation with someone that gave me new insights, and finally, oh finally, the internet started growing and I could find lots more information there. I read everything I could get my hands on and learned a lot of stuff. Then one day I found out about the book "Infinite Possibilities" by Mike Dooley. This was a game changer.

As I began to learn the principles of IP, I began to understand the power of imagination, the power of visualization, and I began to learn to use this power to imagine and visualize what I would like to see, do and be in my own future. Little by small, my life began to shift and change. Little by small, I began to alter the course of my life to head in the direction of the images of my imagination.

My wish for you is that you use your imagination to imagine your future, to create it, you use your dreams, your daydreams, to dream for a big, happy one, and you use visualization, not to see *how* to get there, but to see what your future looks like once you are living it. And, this, I found, is what is meant by "Imagination is everything!"... cause it is.

Say it with me if you like, "I have the power to imagine a better life for me."

Huge hugs and big love,