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Living From the Inside Out

Hello Beautiful People,

Have you ever thought of living from the Inside Out?

I have. I'm not sure when it happened but I know that it has. I can tell you that for years, decades actually, I had been responding to all the world around me. I did so many of the things I thought I was supposed to do to get the accolades that I needed. I wanted to be a good girl for my parents, a good student for my teachers, a good friend to my buddies, a good girlfriend, a good driver, a good ...... everything. I was taught to believe that if I was *good* then everything in my life would go good.

Well, it just ain't so!

Being good according to everyone else's world view left me in a state of confusion. I tried being good this way and it worked for this person, but not that one. I tried being good some other way and it worked for that group, but not this one. I mean, I was doing the same kind of good but it only worked for some and not others. I kept wondering, "which is the right kind of good?" It just made no sense at all.

Then I started to notice how I was feeling when I was trying to "be good". Sometimes I felt happy, sometimes not. Why? What was the difference? I started to pay attention, and slowly but surely I began to realize that when I'm being "good" for me, I am happy. When I'm being "good" for another I might be happy, but I might not be. And so I began to FEEL if being good in a particular situation was allowing me to feel happy or if it was doing the opposite. This is when I began to live from the Inside Out. Living from the Inside Out has allowed so much more happiness in my life because I am not forcing myself to say, or do, or be in ways that aren't in harmony with my value system (i.e., fairness, respect, honesty, authenticity).

Living from the Inside Out has allowed me to stop looking, stop looking outside of myself, stop looking backwards, stop looking to others for my happiness and self-worth. Living from the Inside Out has allowed me to start looking forward to what's coming next because I have made many, many course corrections to finally get me to the path where I'm choosing which direction to go. And talk about feeling *good* ..... now this feels *good*!

My wish for you is to find the things that make you feel *good* over and over and over again!

Huge hugs and big love,


(P.S. Please don't beat me up on the "good" as a feeling part. Thanks!)