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Love Your Wild!

Hello Beautiful People,

Love Your Wild ..... love your wild what?

That's what I was wondering when the words came into my head one day about a year ago. I was wanting to sell my artwork and I was drawing hearts with little designs around them, little pretties, vines, flowers, and girly-ish things. I thought most people would prefer to see those things and so I was creating that type of image.

And then I heard the words "love your wild" and I thought "What is wild?" and I drew some hearts with patterns from big animals like zebras, giraffes, etc. For some reason this felt really nice. I mean I love drawing and creating the "pretty" stuff but I really liked these wild animal patterns.

But what was it about these patterns that I felt so connected to? I didn't know and I decided to stop drawing, stop everything, and just sit. I sat, lost in thought, and wondered about what I was feeling deep down inside. And as I sat, and as I felt, I could sense a bit of longing, a sense of the "wild" within me. This feeling seemed to be a desire to connect with long forgotten deep roots of being totally connected to the earth..... a sense of the wildishness inside of me. A knowing that I am connected in some intrinsic way to every woman that has ever come before me ..... and I could feel it. Really feel it. And I smiled. And I cried. I smiled because I knew it meant that I was connected, still connected in some way, to everything and all. I cried because I felt such a loss of what we once had. It was a moment, to be sure.

And so I wonder .... have you ever felt it? Have you ever sensed a longing deep down inside but maybe pushed it away because there seems to be no context in our current world with which to relate?

My hope, my wish, my want for you, is to feel .... feel the wild-ish-ness inside of you and to look for ways to connect to other women in your lives. Love your wild.

Huge hugs and big love,

Wildish Deb