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Are you an Earth Angel?

You might be an Earth Angel .....

* If you've ever helped someone in need.... just because your heart led you to.

*If you've shared a smile with someone .... just because you could tell they needed it.

*If you've picked up litter .... just because you love your Mother Earth.

*If you've ever performed a Random Act of Kindness ... just because you thought it would feel good (and it's lots of fun!)

*If you've stopped someone from being bullied .... and felt really strong about doing it.

*If you've used your voice to prevent any abuse .... and stood your ground against the oppressive.

*If you knew something was wrong and reported it .... even though you knew people would get angry.

*If you donate your belongings ... just because you know others could use them.

*If you shared a hug with a stranger .... just because you know how important hugs are.

*If you've (lovingly) allowed your child to screw up .... just because you know that they need the experience.

*If you see humankind as a opportunity to do good .... just because that's what earth angels are here to do.

So...... are you an earth angel? I say YES, and if you are reading this, if your eyes fell on this text, then you *are* an earth angel! And now that you know this for sure, spread those earth angel wings and keep spreading the love!

Earth Angels .... we want to live in a world where love wins.

Huge Hugs and Big Love,

E.A. Deb