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The Power of Intentions

Good morning everyone!

I'm excited to offer you a FREE workshop.

It is called "The Power of Intentions" and it will take place online via Zoom, Wed, 13 Jun at 8pm Eastern (5pm Pacific). It's an hour long with Q&A afterwards. If this free event sounds interesting to you, please Register at

Here is a little bit about it:

This workshop is for those who are wanting to become happier, more successful, and more abundant on many levels, because you will begin (or get better at) being the captain of your own ship. That means you are the one who decides if you are going to enjoy the journey on the way to your destination, or wait until after you’ve reached the destination to find enjoyment. Learn how to live happier in "the meantime",


1. Understanding what an intention is and what it is not

2. What’s the point to setting intentions

3. Combining goals with intentions

4. The part your brain plays in making intentions successful


1. Enjoy the journey, not just the destination – it’s called “Enjoy the Meantime”. As you enjoy each day along the way to your goal, your destination we often call this “the meantime”. One of the secrets to a happy life is to “enjoy the meantime” as time is going to pass anyway, why not enjoy it?

2. Set your own pace –Just because others are going faster than you does not mean you are “less than”. We all have a pace that is right for us. Don’t compare yourself to anyone other than yourself. Set your own pace.

3. Do what you can, with what you have, from where you are – in any given moment you have a certain amount of knowledge from which to make a decision. If you gain more information, you can make a different decision. Just keep moving forward and adjust as you go.

If this free event sounds interesting to you, please Register at so that you can receive the zoom link! Hope to see you there!