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Fault vs Responsibility

Hello responsible Miracle Makers,

Happiness, and Fault vs Responsibility

This is an amazing topic. There’s been lots of times in my life where things were not my fault, but I’m learning how much they are my responsibility. Please hear me out…

For decades I’ve had the belief that if someone screwed up it was their responsibility to fix it. I learned early on if you turn it on, turn it off, if you drop it, pick it up, if you spill it, wipe it up. I definitely agree with these tenants, as they taught me to be responsible, but I’m not always the one at fault.

Then other things that happened, bigger things, like when my boyfriend cheated on me, or the way my parents treated me. And how that made me feel, and how I felt it was their responsibility to fix the problem. And when they didn’t… I felt sad, I felt less than, I felt hurt, I felt crippled by not having the control to make them fix the problem. I mean it was their fault right?

When I saw this video by Will Smith, I was blown away by the way he explained fault versus responsibility. I hope you will take 3 minutes and watch it. This is a way we can helps ourselves and help others 💖 by understanding how language plays a huge role in our lives.

My wish for you is that you live life from a place of power, that you recognize fault where is due, and still take responsibility for your own life! People ask me all the time, “where does happiness comes from? How do I get happy?” Well, this is definitely one huge way for that to happen!

Huge hugs 🤗 and big love 💕 Debbie