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Doubt the Doubt!

Hello doubting Miracle Makers,

Sometimes you have to doubt the doubt.

We all have felt doubt in our lives, I know I have. I have doubted my competence, doubted my physical abilities, doubted my intellectual abilities, doubted I could get that raise, doubted I was thin enough, smart enough, I’ve doubted that I am not abundant enough. But enough with the *not enough*!!

Doubt that doubt!

I have to wonder what part of my brain has decided that I don’t have that ability, that intellect, that competence? Who is deciding that anyway? Did somebody say something one time, a long time ago, and I’m still carrying that thought as if it’s an absolute truth? Did someone say that the other day because they are so lacking that they’re trying to make me feel less then to make themselves feel better, and I fell for it?

Well I can tell you for myself, as I’ve decided to doubt the doubt, I’ve discovered that a lot of what I think I cannot do, and a lot of what I’ve doubted within myself, is a result of other people’s thoughts that I have allowed to take up space in my brain. Do you get that? I “allow“ these thoughts. So if I can allow these thoughts to stay, can’t I allow these thoughts to go?

The answer is YES!

My wish for you is to be clear about the doubts that serve you and the doubts that do not, so that you may live an undoubtedly awesome life.

Huge hugs 🤗 and big love 💓