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Why do we have Emotions?

Hello emotional Miracle Makers (this is a good thing, btw),

Why do we have emotions?

Have you ever thought of that? Really, why have them? I know we like, or love, when our emotions are a certain level of higher vibration and we experience joy, peace, happiness, excitement, love, etc., because we feel good. But what happens when our emotional vibration is lower and we feel *less than*? That would include emotions like sadness, upset, anger, rage, depression, etc. What then?

I've been asked to address negative emotions and the power they have over us. What I believe 100% is that emotions are a guidance system for us; that they are actually an amazing *gift* to help us see if we are going in the right direction - or not. Our job is to learn how to utilize this power for ourselves. Read about it, watch videos about it, talk about it, join groups that support this way of thinking and being.

We live in a world of contrast. We can sense and see up and down, left and right, light and shadow, etc. Emotions are also a contrast, so when you know what you don't want to feel, you can automatically figure out what you do want to feel by looking in the opposite direction (hate-love, bad-good, annoyed-pleasant, rude-courteous). So that is the part that is the gift. It is our ability to discern from our feelings if we are headed in the right direction - or not. But what happens when we are not headed in the right direction and we feel powerless?

This is where one must take the bull by the horns, and it might seem a little tough but only in the beginning, only until you understand, only until you allow yourself to get it, only until you start doing things differently. Inside of us are opposing forces, but these forces are the ones we get to choose. One of them (the ego) is very, very strong because we have exercised that muscle a lot. The other one (the spirit, your soul, your inner you) has a lot, a lot, a lot of power, but needs to get exercised. And just like going to the gym and working new muscles, it is a little tough at first, but just like at the gym if you keep working those muscles they get stronger and can do a lot, a lot, a lot more. So, again, we get to decide if we are going to allow the ego to dominate us (feeling powerless), or if we are going to dominate the ego through building other muscles (feeling our power).

We change our thoughts, we change our beliefs. We move in a new direction because we decided to do things differently, and then keep doing them a different way.

The power to decide if we are going to do things differently is to decide to use our power.

Huge hugs and big love,