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Let the Journey Begin!

Hello Miracle Makers,

Are you the adventurous type?

I am. It seems I like adventures, some big ones (like when I backpacked for 38 days across Spain, 500 miles) and then a whole lot of smaller ones, like how I see my life everyday.

Life is the biggest adventure of all. And you get to choose how big you’re gonna play, or if you’re going to play at all. It really is a choice, a choice to begin the journey of finding new and different ways to be (there are more than can be imagined), to begin the journey of discovery of Self, to begin the journey of letting go of limiting thoughts, or we can stay where we are and feel the feelings we’re feeling and feel sorry for ourselves that our life is the way it is. And that is also our choice, and you can live that one if you want to...

Notice that I use the words “feel“ and “choice”. If we’re stuck in our mind-thought we’re going to think we don’t possess the right feelings, the positive feelings, nor are we going to feel as if we have choices. And that’s where the limiting thoughts hold us captive, prisoners in our own minds. This can be changed!

What are feelings and how is it that they have so much power? Do we have the power to change our feelings? Do we have the power to shut down when we want something to be different than it is? Do we have the power to raise our feelings up into a higher vibration when we want to feel better? The answer to all of this is yes, it is within us… but we have to *DO* something!

What is something you can do to take yourself to a different vibrational level? What is something you can do to raise your vibration? What is one thing that you can do, starting today, every day, that can help you take one teeny tiny little step forward?

You do what you can… from where you are… wiith what you have… and keep moving from there. Don’t stop, it gets easier and there is support here for you!

Let your journey begin!

Huge hugs 🤗 and big love 💗 Debbie