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Fire the Critic, Hire the Muse

I have had to FIRE my critic and have just undergone a major reorganizing of my mind. Here is the pink slip I have given the Critic:

Dear Critic,

You are FIRED! You have been the worst boss I’ve ever had. You have judged and criticized me more than anyone else in the entire world. You’ve been mean, ugly, rude, hateful and relentless. You have used me as a scapegoat for your lack of power and lack of self-esteem … you are basically a bully. But guess what!? I have hung in there through all of your nastiness. I am still here and somehow I have summoned my inner strength and I have realized that while I have allowed you to be in charge, this is not your mind … it is *my* mind! And so, in the name of all that is good, hopeful, kind and loving inside of me, I FIRE you and bid you farewell.

I have hired a new boss and she is wonderful! She is playful, adores me, loves me, is adventurous, exciting, fun and a bit daring. I have called in my *Muse* for she is who I shall be looking to from now on.

Your time in my head, Critic, is over – good bye and good riddance!

Hello my Muse! Me and my muse-infused inner wild-child goddess welcome you! Together we have taken over the controls!

Let the wildishness begin!

Huge hugs and big love!