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Power of Setting Intentions
(Approximately 1 hr presentation with additional time for Q&A)
Tues, Sept 18
online via Zoom
5pm Pac/8pm Eastern

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Enjoy the journey on the way to your destination!

Wow, that's powerful!

Have you ever wondered why we struggle through the entire journey only to believe we will be happy "after" we've reached the destination?

Why are we waiting to be happy?  

What if you could be happy all along the way to the destination, and then even more so after reaching the destination?

What if I told you it's basically pretty easy to do?



Some of what we'll learn

We're going to learn about intentions .... what they are and what they aren't.


We'll learn about why making them is a healthy choice and a smart idea.

We'll learn about how they help shape your future.

We'll learn about what happens when we combine our goals with intentions.


1.  Why the journey may be more important than the destination .

2.  What happens when you set your pace according to others. 

3.  Why it's important to remember to do what you can, with what you have, from where you are, and to keep moving forward.

There are 3 main takeaways I'll be sharing: