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Passionate About Inspiring Others

In late 2015, I backpacked 500 miles across the north of Spain on El Camino de Santiago de Compostela.  Little did I know that this would be the beginning of a discovery that would change my life forever.  During 2016 I became certified in 3 different trainings, I ended up quiting my military civilian job, sold everything I owned and began a completely new life.  I now live the life of my dreams.  I went from being boxed in, to stepping completely out of the box.  Having over 35 years of being a student of life, combined with my certified trainings, I offer to others my services for guidance, inspiration, motivation and waking up to become fully aware of our amazing power and potential as human beings.  My passion is helping others see things in a new light.  My mission is working towards creating a world where love wins by reaching those who have not been reached, by being an unstoppable force for good in the world, and by everything that I think, say and do.  I walk my talk and I share my love for life through speaking, coaching and presenting workshops.  

  • Self-Sustaining Leadership: (1) Personal Leadership, (2) Coaches Course, (3) Coaching, and (4) Facilitation

  • Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer, trained by Mike Dooley himself, 3 times (2016, 2107, 2018)

  • Certified Infinite Possibilities: I Believe in Me Trainer

  • Speaker / Workshop Presenter

  • Empowerment and Transformation Coach 

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