So many times I heard myself saying things like: 


I wish I could _____, but I don't think I'm good enough.


My colleagues are moving ahead, but I just feel like a victim of my circumstances.


It feels like my needs are not a priority.


Why don't I ever feel like I matter?


When's it going to be my turn?


When I finally had enough of wondering why, I began to evaluate my life. I started asking myself some serious questions: 


Where am I (emotionally, career-wise, in relationships)?

How am I doing with these?

What am I feeling?

And the big one: 

What or WHO is holding me emotionally hostage?


Answering these questions in earnest is when I began stepping out of contemplation and into action. I was ready to stop saying things like "I wish this could be different" or "Gee, I hope this works out." I was ready for something different to happen and I knew that I was the only one who could make this decision for myself.

Yes, it took some guts. It felt scary, but I knew a little fear was good. I knew that feeling meant I was at the start of something that was going to make a difference in my life. I knew I was getting ready to do something important for myself. And soon I realized what I was really feeling was excitement. I was stepping out of my comfort zone and into my own personal Zone of Desire. 

 I asked myself these questions:

How much am I yearning to make a POSITIVE CHANGE in my life?

 How hungry am I to FIND MY VOICE?

 How ready am I to STAND IN MY TRUTH?

 How badly do I want to TAKE MY POWER back?

 How important is it to LIVE A LIFE I WILL NOT REGRET?


   And for me, the answer in each case was,

"It's time. I'm ready and committed to making this happen!"

 Young Woman Contemplating
Contemplating at Work

*** If you've wanted these things and have gone to therapy, read self-help books, done meditation, journaling, reiki, tarot readings, EFT/tapping, breathing exercises, and/or other modalities, and while they've all helped some, there still seems to be something missing.


***If you're looking for REAL ANSWERS to real life problems,

get excited because you're onto something.


***If you're wanting to  reconnect to your PASSION AND PURPOSE, feel happy because this time it's totally possible.


***If you are READY AND COMMITTED to making a difference in your life, smile, because that's just what will happen.


***If you've been looking for *HOW TO DO IT*, you've found it.

And you're not alone.


Lots (and I mean a whole lot) of women are feeling this way right now. Although an unprecedented year, 2020 has proven to force many to assess their lives.  People are assessing their relationships, their careers and aspirations, their emotional state, their view of the future, their perceptions of the past, and are looking for solutions to deal with how move past the blocks that are creating feelings of hopelessness, devastation, discouragement and insecurity.


And you?

You've found the solution!


This is it.

When you Master your inner game,

(Re)Learn to trust yourself

and Live in Your Power

what happens is:


You're EXCITED to get up in the morning.

You're doing something SPECIAL with your life.

You MAKE A DIFFERENCE, and it ... feels ... good.


You enthusiastically PLAY a bigger game.


You live an AUTHENTIC life.

You're happily CHALLENGED to use all of your strengths, gifts, and talents.

Life is FUN.

You skillfully and consciously DESIGN the life you desire to live.



That's what happens when you take control of your destiny.

That's what happens when you stop living in other people's dreams.

That's what happens when you decide "I MATTER!"

What You Should Know...

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