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Infinite Possibilities Intro
(FREE 2 hour event)
Tues, Sept 25
online via Zoom
5pm Pac/8pm Eastern
  • Do you find you live a life full of drama, chaos and stress?

  • Are you feeling as if you are under a constant state of frustration, irritation and annoyance.

  • Do you feel powerless and wish you knew what to do?

  • Do you feel like there should be more to life?

  • Do you wish you could be who you feel you were meant to be?

  • Are you looking for a way to understand in easy steps how to move forward in  your life?

  • Are you wanting to begin to live a life that is your authentic self? 

If so, Register for this Free Introductory class and hear how it is possible for you to begin to live the life you desire, right now!

 Discover the power already inside of you ... deciding for yourself

Connect compassionately to yourself.  Learn self-awareness, self-compassion, self-love.  Discover the number one thing that slows people down when it comes to living deliberately, learn how Thoughts Become Things and how to choose them wisely, recognize how our Beliefs trip us up, and discover "the Test" to achieve clarity and have confidence in making new decisions.  Leave drama, chaos, and stress behind and begin to live a life of peace, knowing you've made good decisions for yourself and your family, live with more joy because you understand how to remove chaos from your life, and live without stress, because now you understand what it is that creates stress.  Live from a place of satisfaction over compromise.  Create healthier relationships.  Find your joy.  Find your bliss.  Find who you were meant to be.
  • Are you looking for the truth about life?

  • Are you looking for a new reality?

  • Are you looking for the powers you already possess?

  • Are you wondering why others seem to have all the answers, or all the talent, or all the luck?

  • Are you wondering why it appears others have more than you and seem to know some sort of “secret”?

  • Are you looking for guidance on how to be the you that you feel that you were always meant to be?

If so, then Take Action and Register!

Taking action is the key to understand how to move from a place of discomfort, frustration, boredom, irritation, lethargy, etc. to a place of aliveness, excitement, comfort, peace, joy, and happiness.  We are so programmed to think we can't have these things ...

but .... we.... can!

I want to show you how.  I want you to have the life that you have imagined, the life that you wish you could have, the life that you think that "if only this thing happens, then I can" is so right and yet so non-productive.  Nothing that I'll share is overnight success.  But everything I share is totally attainable.  I've gone from nothing, to having an amazingly wonderful life .... just about the life of my dreams, as I am still dreaming.  And as I achieve the next things, I dreamed up many more things that I want.  And it's awesome, and I want this for you too. 

Do you want this for yourself?

Learn how
Thoughts Become Things
How Beliefs vs Truth
trips us up
How emotions are our
guidance system

Ms. Debbie Pearson became a

Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer

in January 2016.  She was personally trained by Mike Dooley, author of the book Infinite Possibilities, and the daily Notes from the Universe  (now going to nearly 800,000 people for free - sign up at 

Debbie has reached "Trailblazer" status!

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