The Art of Changing Your Life

What is YOUR dream?  What makes you tick?  What is it that you would be doing right now if you were not overloaded with burdens and responsibilities? 

Debbie Pearson,

Certified Trainer

Would you walk 500 miles across Spain?  Would you backpack through Europe?  Travel to Hawaii, Ireland, or Central America?  Jump out of an airplane? Would you quit your job and sell everything you own so that you can create your own income?  I've done these things and more and I want to share with you how you can live the life that you dream of, and become who it is that you were meant to be! 

Your journey starts here!   

Your journey starts now!

This is me in September of 2015, St. Louis Airport enroute to Spain to backpack the 500 mile path called "El Camino de Santiago de Compostela".  The sign in the airport says it all!

Do you feel like ...
  • you are tired of living a life full of drama, chaos and stress?

  • you are under a constant state of frustration, irritation and annoyance?

  • you are feeling powerless and wish you knew what to do?

  • that there should just be more to life?

  • you wish you could be who you were meant to be?

  • you are looking for a way to understand in easy steps how to move forward in  your life?

  • you are ready to begin to live as your authentic self?  

Discover the power that is already inside of you .... 

the power to decide!

and your family, live with more joy because you understand how to remove chaos from your life, and live without stress, because now you understand what it is that creates stress. 
Connect compassionately to yourself.  Learn self-awareness, self-compassion, self-love.  Discover the number one thing that slows people down when it comes to living deliberately, learn how Thoughts Become Things and how to choose them wisely, recognize how our Beliefs trip us up, and discover "the Test" to achieve clarity and have confidence in making new decisions.  Leave drama, chaos, and stress behind and begin to live a life of peace, knowing you've made good decisions for yourself
How would you like to:
  • course correct your life

  • become who you were meant to be

  • understand what you have created and can re-create

  • experience the power of 5 minute visualizations

  • have control over your emotions

  • see the power of taking action

  • begin to live the life of your best dreams

Not only is it possible, there are thousands of people just like you already living a life they love!

I’m going to show you…

  • The 7 essential foundations to mastering awareness and change.

  • A far more satisfying approach to living a life where you thrive.

  • Why you must avoid repeating the same old habits and thoughts.

  • The system used by over 10,000 people to change their mindset creating more joy, peace, love and happiness in their lives.

These are the keys to understand how to move from a place of discomfort, frustration, boredom, irritation, lethargy, etc. to a place of aliveness, excitement, comfort, peace, joy, and happiness.  We are so programmed to think we can't have these things ....

but .... we.... can! 

And I want to show you how.  I want you to have the life that you have imagined, the life that you wish you could have, the live you see others have.  And I want to show you how to stop thinking "if only this thing happens, then I ll  be happy" .  Nothing that I'll share is overnight success.  But everything I share is totally attainable.  I've gone from nothing, to having an amazingly wonderful life .... just about the life of my dreams, as I am still dreaming.  And as I achieve the next things, I dream up many more things that I want.  And it's awesome, and I want this for you too. 

But ...... do you want this for yourself?

That is the $64,000 question.  Do you want this for yourself?  I can't do it for you, no one can.  But you can, and the good news is you can have it if you want it!

Guaranteed, without question!

Learn the proven 7 module system

  1. Learn how Thoughts Become Things

  2. Understand how our Beliefs influence our thoughts.

  3. Recognize the importance of our Emotions

  4. Move into the world of Taking Action

  5. Begin to Sense your Instincts and Hunches

  6. See the Part that Understanding plays

  7. Open up to the Meaning of Life

But What Does It Cost?

I will tell you everything, and there will be no hidden anything!

The regular cost is $697.00.

Early Bird Special is only $395.00 until June 13, 2018.

This information CHANGES LIVES, and in this case ...... your life!

Do yourself a favor and for once invest in yourself!  $397.00 is worth every penny and if you don't feel like you have gained some life mastery skills, then I will fully refund your money. 

                     100% refund.  

Here's the logistics:

Who:      YOU

What:     A life altering workshop called

               "Infinite Possibilities: The Art of

               Changing Your Life"

Where:   on your electronic device

When:    Six (6) Wednesday evenings

               (June 18 - July 25)

How:       online via Zoom

Why:       Because you are worth it! 


Live a Fulfilled Life!

Rock Your Life!

Ms. Debbie Pearson became a

Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer in January 2016.  She was personally trained by Mike Dooley, author of the book Infinite Possibilities, and the daily Notes from the Universe to nearly 800,000 people (free to sign up at  Debbie has reached "Trailblazer" status!

Debbie Pearson, Trailblazer

Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer

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